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Disputes involving land, farms and agriculture require particularly sensitive handling. The threads of a rural dispute are often more complex and historical involving families, businesses and boundaries. This requires a mediator who truly understands what it is like to live and work in the countryside.

Avoid hefty legal costs

Mediation is a preferable alternative to formal dispute mechanisms like litigation or arbitration. Appointing the right mediator can help disputing parties come to an agreement before legal action occurs or when legal action is already taking place, potentially avoiding the cost of lengthy litigation.

Rural resolution

With over 30 years of independent, impartial, informal dispute resolution Simon Williams is qualified as a RICS trained Evaluative Mediator and his experience in rural issues is invaluable to clients. Simon has vast experience in flexibility and confidentially helping settle disputes involving rights of way, boundaries, easements and covenants, land use, joint ventures and land partnerships.

Simon Williams is a qualified RICS Accredited Evaluative Mediator.

Areas for mediation

✓ Boundaries and rights of way 

✓ Contamination claims

✓ Contentious wills and family disputes 

✓ Development and overage disputes 

✓ Drainage and third-party rights over land 

✓ Employment disputes 

✓ Energy & utility company compensation disputes 

✓ Farm partnership dissolution/disputes 

✓ Farming family breakups

✓ Insurance & valuation disputes 

✓ Joint venture disputes 

✓ Landlord and tenant breach of terms i.e. Dilapidations and improvements 

✓ Landlord and tenant disputes 

✓ Marital breakups with rural property issues 

✓ Ownership and occupation of land and property 

✓ Partnership dissolution or exit

✓ Professional negligence (particularly surveyors & valuers)

✓ Restrictive covenants 

✓ Shareholder evaluation and exit

✓ Sporting rights 

✓ Transfer of assets down to the next generation

✓ Trust management and fiduciary duties 

✓ Trustees and beneficiaries’ interaction and legal duties


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