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While stocktaking valuations of machinery and livestock is a legal requirement for annual accounting, it is also vital business asset in terms of providing robust information for insurance purposes.

In August 2020 the NFU reported the cost of rural crime at its highest level for eight years with agriculture theft rising by £1.9m. Organised criminal gangs targeted high value tractors, quad bikes, ATVs and other farm vehicles as well as livestock with large numbers of sheep entering the food chain illegally. Although Covid-19 saw rural theft fall by 20% the cost in 2021 was still over £9m with thieves now starting to use new tactics to steal smaller items of higher value like GPS kits. 

Accurate machinery & livestock valuations

Protecting your farm, machinery and livestock with adequate cover is something that all responsible farm owners should do. The consequences of underestimating the true value of your assets could mean running into problems if you have to face reinstatement through theft or damage.

Mason’s in depth valuation knowledge, from our own weekly Louth Livestock Market to our regular online machinery auctions and farm dispersal sales gives us invaluable local insight. Our RICS Red Book valuers can arrange to visit your farm for stocktaking valuations appraising livestock and agricultural equipment at the same time, to provide professional valuation reports quickly and efficiently to meet your needs.

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