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Masons Rural are adept at impartial business asset valuation matters using objective data and evidence based reporting as part of their RICS Red Book Valuation Services. As litigation support professionals, we understand that all data must stand up to scrutiny, especially in adversarial settings where inconsistency or discrepancy will be questioned by the opposing party. 

Our accredited professional valuers will employ standards of valuation fit for purpose. The chosen method of valuation for goods, services or assets may vary depending on the litigation scenario, parties involved and level of hostility. 

At Masons we offer robust and reasoned litigation support for matrimonial proceedings, shareholder disputes, partnership dissolutions, repossessions and compulsory purchase situations. Our access to a wide database of agricultural and rural properties give us means to evidence reports and up to date knowledge of current values and market trends.  

Professional, technical and ethical valuations for litigation

In many cases, a fair market value of clear provable worth of a business, land or property, backed by data, may be adequate for reaching agreement. If intangible assets are part of the landscape, we may be required to offer expert valuation advice. Rest assured that our team can support you a step further with expert witness testimony in court if required to appraise complex business assets.

We care about you and see litigation as the last resort and least desirable outcome for our clients in cases of complex commercial dispute or divorce. At Masons we also support our clients with arbitration and mediation services. Simply click through for more on these useful alternatives.

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