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The Improving Farm Productivity Grant just announced that Round 2 is now open, providing a great opportunity for farmers and horticultural businesses to take their operations to the next level.

The grant provides financial support for projects that aim to boost efficiency and yields by encouraging investments in renewable energy sources and sustainable practices.

What are the benefits for Lincolnshire farmers?

You can increase your efficiency and yields by investing in cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to optimise resources, reduce waste, and achieve higher crop outputs.

You can access funding for a variety of projects from robotic equipment and automated systems to precision irrigation and renewable energy solutions.

Stay competitive by adopting innovative technologies that embrace environmentally friendly farming.

How much money is on offer?

The maximum and minimum grant you can apply for depends on your project(s);

Farm Productivity Grants

If you’re applying for robotic or automatic equipment, wavelength specific LED lighting and/or advanced ventilation control units, but does not include solar PV equipment, the minimum grant you can apply for is £25,000 (50% of £50,000). The maximum grant is £500,000 per applicant business.

Solar Grants

If your application is for solar PV equipment only, the minimum grant you can apply for is £15,000 (25% of £60,000). The maximum grant is £100,000 per applicant business.

Your Contribution

You need to be able to pay the remaining project costs. You can use loans, overdrafts, and certain other monies. For example, money received through the Basic Payment Scheme or agri-environment schemes such as the Countryside Stewardship scheme. 

You cannot use other public money, such as grant funding from local authorities, towards the project costs. You also cannot use this grant to carry out capital works which you need to do as part of other agreements. 

Who can apply?

The grant is open to farmers and horticultural businesses in England, including sole traders, partnerships, and limited companies. Both land owning and tenant farmers can apply. The project must be on land you own or farm as a tenant.  

You must be actively engaged in agricultural production and be able to demonstrate a clear plan for how the grant will be used to improve your farm productivity.

What can the grant pay for?

For equipment to be eligible, it must be considered either robotic or automatic technology for:

  • Harvesting technology
  • Weeding technology
  • Robotic spraying technology
  • Driverless tractors or platforms
  • Voluntary robotic milking system
  • Feeding robots
  • Transplanting technology
  • Slurry robots

Other robotic or automatic technology not included in this list will also be considered. 

Advanced ventilation control units for controlling and monitoring ventilation of existing horticultural and livestock buildings.

Wavelength specific LED lighting for horticultural crops in existing horticultural buildings.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems such as:

  • Solar PV panels
  • Solar batteries
  • Inverters
  • Utility meters
  • Electrical grid connections
  • Power diverters

Please note that Solar PV panels can only be installed on Farm building rooftops or on irrigation reservoirs. 

Other eligible costs for Farm Productivity projects can include:

  • Installation and commissioning of eligible equipment
  • Adjustments to electrical supply within the farm to accommodate equipment (e.g., wiring from the distribution board)
  • Electricity supply upgrade (up to 10% of project cost and directly related to the project)
  • Installation of charging points integrated with robotic equipment

Have something in mind?

If you would like to find out more about your eligibility and how this grant could work for you please contact Lucy Turner or Henry Simpson in the Masons Rural team on 01507 350500. We’re here to help.