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When you choose to sell your property with Masons you now have the option to include a 360-degree tour in the marketing of your property.

This is a valuable engaging tool which enhances your existing marketing and allows potential buyers to enjoy a 360-degree virtual tour from the comfort of their own home before they even arrange a viewing.

A 360-degree virtual tour allows anyone to view your home online as it stitches together panoramic rotating images to create a walk-through of every room. Masons’ virtual tours can also cover the exterior of your property and adjoining land or garden to create the perfect first impression when selling your home. Virtual tours enhance the overall marketing of your property online opening up the chance to view to a wider range of buyers, including investors from outside Lincolnshire.    

One you’ve booked an appraisal with a member of Masons Sales Team, one of our experienced valuers will contact you and arrange an appointment to come to your property and gather all the details, take inspirational photographs, and create floor plans.

Residential Property Agent, Sam Williams says “we’ve noticed a huge appetite for 360-degree virtual tours. Our online tours are proving very popular with buyers as they offer investors the chance to shortlist properties to view quickly and easily. This saves lots of time on viewings and travel across a large county like Lincolnshire. We find it’s a brilliant way to share that initial feel for a property with potential buyers before committing to a viewing, so everyone benefits.”

Our virtual tours allow any online viewer to visually ‘walk-through’ a property by clicking on the dots that lead from room to room, by using the drop-down menu of rooms or by clicking on room by room on the floor plan. It is easy and intuitive either by scrolling on a mobile or tablet or using a mouse or trackpad in a similar way to how we navigate Google Street View.

There’s no need to be concerned about any additional preparation for a 360-degree tour. It’s a very simple and straightforward process and seamlessly fits with your standard photography shoot. But if you’re planning on adding a 360-degree tour to your property we’ve pulled together just a few tips to ensure you get the best results:

·       Try to make sure each room look as perfect as possible by removing any items that stands in the way of the camera lens so that the room looks open and clear.

·       Declutter each room and remove any personal or untidy items that might be distracting to the camera.

·       Maximise the light into each room by fully opening curtains or switching on lights so that any important features are well presented.

·       Consider staging each room to create the best impression as possible, remember viewers can zoom in on aspects of each room.

As Sam says, “In most cases, we site the camera on a tripod in the centre of the room. We move from room to room photographing each space as we go, so it’s fine to take out items like dog beds as we go so there’s no huge disruption.”

To find out more about our 360-degree virtual tours please get in touch today with our Sales Team on 01507 350500 Option 1.