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The Pastures for Life team, delivering the Royal Countryside Fund, has been working hard on revamping the Farm for the Future programme to benefit farmers navigating an ever-changing landscape. Their 'Environmental Workshops' have been pushed to 13th March in East Midlands so that top presenters can be very focused on SFI and what the array of standards can mean for farmers.

The number of workshops has been reduced to one per region and anyone not able to make the dates can catch up via a RCF online event.

After the huge success of the first topic workshop in which a packed roomful of people listened to Rich Summers as he explained how to add value to meat sales direct from the farm, there is anticipation around what else the programme will offer.

"What we have tried to do with the range of topic workshops is incorporate practical action with theory and some boundary-pushing ideas" said Sarah Juggins, RCF Project Manager for our area. 

The workshop on Grazing and Livestock Equipment will guide livestock farmers on the practical aspects of getting the most from your pasture. A farm walk will demonstrate how mob grazing works to extend the grazing season and increase the output from your pasture, then the group will hear from experienced livestock farmers on the pros and cons of various grazing systems. A demonstration of some of the kit that is now on the market will complete the day.

"How we look after our animals will determine our profits" is the key message from the first half of the workshop on Healthy Stock and Healthy Soil. The more consideration that is given to the way we manage our flocks and herds, the less we will need to call on the services of vets. While that may not help his business, vet Tom Hume will be on hand to talk about ways that farmers can improve their practices to make livestock farming safer and more profitable.

The second half of the workshop will see Liz Genever applying a similar thought process to soil health. The better we understand and look after our soil, then the more we will get back from it. Reduced inputs doesn’t need to mean reduced yield is the clear message from this workshop.

The fourth workshop is a collaboration with agricultural thought leaders 3LM. Holistic farming is an approach that encompasses both the practical and emotional side of farming. Heavily focused on regenerative principles, this workshop will provide participants with a chance to take an in-depth look at how and why they farm the way they do. It will also contain practical examples of how some small changes in practice can lead to some big changes in outcome. This workshop will also provide a gateway to an extended course with 3LM for anyone who wants to explore regenerative farming further.

Lincolnshire Livestock Farmers can sign up here

If you have still not signed up for these workshops, it's not too late and very simple. Just click here just enter your details, including your SBI. This high quality course is free to all eligible farmers. Once a farm business is signed onto the course, then anyone associated with the business can also attend, so family or staff can come to the workshops, just register your interest for each event on Eventbrite using the links below:

East Midlands:

Core Environment Workshop - Wednesday 13 March 1-4.30 pm South Ormsby Estate - Click here to book.

Healthy Stock and Healthy Soil - Wednesday 6 March, 10.30-3.00 pm Croft Farm, Uffington, Stamford PE9 4SX - Click here to book.

Holistic Farming with 3LM - either Monday 15 April or Wednesday 17 April, 10:30-2:30 pm, Tilton on the Hill, Leicester LE7 9DJ - Click here to book.

Grazing Techniques and Equipment - Wednesday 8 May 11 - 3.00 pm - Inkpot Farm, Scredington, Lincolnshire - Click here to book.

If you have any questions or require more information contact Sarah Juggins, RCF Project Manager by email