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Today we marked a huge milestone for a very special member of our Masons Rural team.

On 12th July 1972 David Williams began helping Lincolnshire farmers to access funds from Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (AMC). Over the last 50 years David has helped countless Lincolnshire landowners to sustain and grow their businesses with affordable finance.

In his own words;

"Probably the most gratifying of all things is when you meet people that you might have advised the AMC to lend money to 20 years ago. It might have been a bit of a struggle then and now it's come right. They say - 'David if it wasn't for you supporting me at that time I wouldn't be where I am today.' That is very gratifying."

David began as the youngest AMC agent in the country in the 1970s and is now the oldest in his 80s. His experience and generosity in sharing his knowledge is highly valued across the farming community and by his colleagues. Not just those in the Masons Rural team but all the Masons staff, as he has time for everyone. We all appreciate David's wisdom, humour and kindness. Tributes poured in on Linked In from across Lincolnshire's agricultural community and David's many colleagues.

You might also spot the awesome cake, baked and decorated by Holly Glen-Gough, star baker from our Rural Accounts & Support Team.

Here's to David and to many more 'golden' years to come.

Pictures: Celebrating with his fellow AMC agent and Agribusiness Advisor, Tim Needham and at Louth Livestock Market where he sold cattle as an auctioneer throughout his career and remains a director of the livestock market business Louth Market Ltd.