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The announcement of Round 2 of the Slurry Infrastructure grant is great news for Louth Livestock Market clients and livestock farmers in Lincolnshire. Farmers must have an existing slurry store that needs to be replaced, a need to build additional facilities or to expand or cover their existing slurry provision. The slurry storage capacity must be based on your existing livestock numbers.

This financial assistance program is designed to help pig, beef, and dairy farmers in England improve their slurry management practices. The Slurry Infrastructure grant provides funding for the construction, expansion, or replacement of slurry stores, as well as for covers, reception pits, slurry pumps, agitators, and slurry separators. The purpose of the grant is to help you improve the use of organic nutrients on your farm, aiding productivity and reducing pollution. 

The main changes are that pig farmers can now apply for up to 8 months of slurry storage, instead of 6 months. This will help pig producers with less land to safely store organic nutrients until they can safely spread it or export it to neighbouring farms to meet crop and soil needs.  

You can now apply for a grant towards a slurry separator making slurry easier to store, move around the farm and apply in line with a nutrient management plan. Impermeable covers will help farms who have recently invested in storage to further increase capacity and stop rainwater from entering the store. You can use this option alongside building a store, or on its own, so long as you meet the scheme storage requirements and minimum grant thresholds.

What's more, you can now also apply to build in-situ cast concrete stores. This will improve flexibility in certain areas where it is harder to transport in pre-cast panels. Finally, tenant farmers can also apply with confidence as landlords are now able to underwrite grant funding and agree to take over their tenant's agreement if they don’t complete the project.

All these changes are being made to improve flexibility and environmental outcomes and are the result of a comprehensive review of Round 1 of the Slurry Infrastructure grant.

"Applications are not on a first-come-first-served basis but do need to go through an online checking process initially by 17 January 2024. With funding between £25,000 and £250,000, it's well worth getting in touch with Masons Rural as soon as possible so we can support our livestock farmers to ensure the details of their application are just right" explains Lucy Turner.

If you would like to have a chat please get in touch as soon as possible for help and advice. Call Lucy Turner or Henry Simpson on 01507 350500 Option 3 or email. We are here to help.